May 31, 2016

8TH Wonder Brewery is Hopping With Green Ideas.

The hops aren’t all that’s green at Houston’s 8th Wonder Brewery.

Look out, Astrodome. There’s a new “8th Wonder of the World” in town. 8th Wonder Brewery works hard to serve craft brews that don’t offend the senses or the environment. See the video

May 31, 2016

Hay Merchant Taps Quality First.

Hay Merchant: Craft beer done right.

Run-of-the-mill beer drinkers beware! The Hay Merchant has you in its sights, with 80 taps of top-quality beer aimed directly at transforming you into a craft beverage aficionado. See the video

May 27, 2016

Blacksmith Brews up Unexpected Efficiency.

Blacksmith brews up craft coffee and unexpected efficiency.

Blacksmith challenges guests to raise their expectations by serving handcrafted coffee and treats made from the freshest ingredients and topped with a dollop of eco-consciousness. See the video