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The hops aren’t all that’s green at Houston’s 8th Wonder Brewery.

8th Wonder Brewery cofounder Ryan Soroka talks craft beer, sustainability, and shaking off them haters.

First, there was the Astrodome. Now, Houston is home to the second “8th Wonder of the World”: 8th Wonder Brewery. Located in East Downtown and open eight days a week, according to its owners, this dome-shaped hops haven is the perfect place to warm up before heading to a stadium downtown to cheer for the home team.

“A brewery is the perfect blend of art, science, and business,” explains Ryan Soroka, cofounder of 8th Wonder Brewery and self-proclaimed “entrebrewneur.” The 8th Wonder team has worked for years to combine their various skills and achieve that perfect blend — and the perfect brew. Their customers keep coming back for their high-quality craft beers, the result of fresh ingredients, strict flavor analysis, and obsessive quality control. But it hasn’t always been easy.

“I think everyone along the way has haters … we thank those people, too.”

Ryan Soroka, cofounder of 8th Wonder Brewery

Ryan Soroka, cofounder of 8th Wonder Brewery and “entrebrewneur"It took two years of applying for permits and scrounging together start-up capital to get 8th Wonder Brewery up and running. In order to keep the business from going belly up in the early days, they even crafted their own root beer to hold customers over until the actual beer was done brewing.

And like everyone with a dream, 8th Wonder Brewery faced opposition from naysayers bent on convincing entrepreneurs everywhere that their ideas will fail — the haters. But as Soroka puts it, “I think everyone along the way has haters … we thank those people, too, because they motivate us and [they] are just as responsible for getting us here as the people who supported us.”

“Sustainability was always a part of the vision of this company.”

Ryan Soroka

Not only is 8th Wonder Brewery successful, it’s sustainable. If you don’t want to sip your signature craft beer from a reusable glass, they also offer recyclable and compostable cups. And they contribute literally tons of used grains every day to farms, not landfills. Considering used grains can make up as much as 85 percent of a brewery’s total by-product, just imagine how much compost and feed we could provide farms nationwide if every brewery donated theirs.* “Sustainability was always a part of the vision of this company,” says Soroka. “Taking care of the environment and the world we live in is personally important to me, as well as to my business partners.”

8th Wonder relies on Waste Management for their waste and recycling needs. They even had an incident with a stolen dumpster, but fortunately, Waste Management was there to replace it for them in less than a day — so Soroka and team could continue focusing on beer, not burglars. As Ryan Soroka attests, “Stolen dumpsters are a real thing.” If you or a loved one has been terrorized by a mysterious dumpster thief, please visit


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