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Eyeworks boutique keeps customers and sustainability in focus.


Meet Hien Tran, OD: Eyeworks at Midtown owner, style maven, and green guru

Eyeworks at Midtown has been combining function and fashion for 15 years. Since the beginning, owner Dr. Hien Tran has understood that her customers aren’t just patients, they’re individuals. They don’t just want to see the world. They want the world to see them. “A lot of the eyeglasses and eyewear that I saw around town were very boring,” Dr. Tran recalls. “We know our patients are unique and we want them to look the best that they can.”

In 2001, Dr. Tran took a gamble by establishing her business in, to use her words, “a fairly iffy area.” But it paid off big. Eyeworks at Midtown has grown and evolved with its neighborhood, now vibrant and replete with restaurants and businesses that are just as unique and varied as the young urban professionals they serve. Some of those people have been customers of her boutique since it opened. She knows them well, and handpicks styles she knows will fit and flatter.

“We know our patients are unique and we want them to look the best that they can.” Hien Tran, OD, Therapeutic Optometrist and Owner of Eyeworks at Midtown

Hien Tran, OD, Therapeutic Optometrist and Owner of Eyeworks at MidtownWhen it comes to sustainability, Dr. Tran has been farsighted since day one. “Our vision from the beginning was to be green,” Dr. Tran explains. “It’s just going to save you money if you start off that way.” She’s been 100% paperless since before it was cool, and long before HIPAA made it mandatory.

They recycle and reuse shipping boxes, or have orders shipped directly from the manufacturer. On the design end of the sustainability spectrum, instead of going with traditional promotional displays that need to be thrown out and replaced, the same versatile, easy-to-modify display cases have kept Eyeworks at Midtown looking consistently fresh since its opening. This timeless motif comes complete with bare concrete floors, which saves on materials and upkeep, so Dr. Tran can focus on customers. “Our vision from the beginning was to be green.”

Even the brands they select and the customers who wear them contribute to the cause. Oliver Peoples, one of their most popular lines, has re-released several of their classic frame designs. The vintage look isn’t only stylish — it saves resources by allowing them to use the original eyeglass molds. And Dr. Tran always encourages her customers to bring in their old glasses, so she can donate them to nonprofit organizations around the world.

But Dr. Tran’s vision of sustainability wouldn’t be complete without Waste Management. Eyeworks at Midtown depends on a Waste Management dumpster and compactor, and their nearly flawless pickup reliability, to keep business running smoothly and efficiently.

“They are very reliable and dependable,” she attests. “I have been here for fifteen years, and I have never seen a problem.”

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