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Blacksmith brews up craft coffee and unexpected efficiency.


Blacksmith managing partner David Buehrer discusses high-quality coffee and low environmental impact.

As a barista, David Buehrer competes internationally, and he brings that competitive spirit to Blacksmith, an enviro-conscious coffee shop dedicated to serving handcrafted coffee and food to their discerning customers.

Blacksmith differentiates itself from the competition with its extreme commitment to quality — starting with the ingredients. In order to keep their menu pure, natural, and delicious, Blacksmith only deals with small farms that purvey the freshest produce. You won’t find any artificial flavoring, extracts or additives here. According to Buehrer, they make everything they can in-house and by hand — from bulk-producing their own almond milk to creating fresh syrup with European chocolate. Buehrer adds that taking these extra measures allows Blacksmith to save on costs and maintain their signature level of product excellence.

“Sustainability doesn’t just include being the most green establishment. It also means that you have to be successful.”

David Buehrer, Managing Partner of Blacksmith

Sustainable coffee at BlacksmithBlacksmith is always pushing to be more sustainable. To take things up a few notches on the green scale, they don’t just recycle — they also compost cups, coffee grounds and food waste that they share with local farmers, who can use it for feed or as a soil enrichment.

They’ve worked hard to cultivate a warm, friendly environment that encourages people to dine in — so the shop spends less on take-out containers and to-go cups and sends less waste to the landfill. “Sustainability doesn’t just include being the most green establishment,” David explains. “It also means that you have to be successful.” And since 71 percent of American consumers think green when making a purchase, it’s no mystery why Blacksmith has achieved both sustainability and success.*

David depends on Waste Management to keep operations flowing efficiently. “One of the things that really makes us happy with Waste Management … is that you don’t even notice that they are there.” David adds, “Because they are so incredibly reliable … you forget that they are doing their job.”

More than simply serving coffee, Blacksmith seamlessly intertwines societal, ethical and environmental responsibility, so everyone can rest easy, at least after the caffeine wears off.


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